Monday, 19 June 2017

lord Buddha discourse to Brahmin

lord Buddha discourse to Brahmin
...........The conversation between Veranja Brahmin and Lord Buddha......

Veranja Brahmin: it is my view that your way of practicing and conducting yourself is quite taste less

Lord Buddha: Brahmin my way is indeed taste less. I have abandon the taste of the central pleasure of the form, taste, smell, sound, and bodily touch. But I am not taste less in the way that you understand. 

Veranja Brahmin: You have no asset, you teach non action and praise annihilation. And furthermore I would say that you are low-some 

Lord Buddha: Brahmin I have no asset or wealth, because such things consist of forms, tastes, smells, sounds and touches. Venerable Brahmin I teach non wrong action, non-evil action by body, speech and mind. I praise the annihilation of lust, hatred and delusion. Brahmin lowsome is bodily misconduct, verbal misconduct, mental misconduct, I lowered all these evil and unwholesome. But I am not at all lowsome in the way that you believe. 

Veranja Brahmin: you teach eradication, destruction, You teach none arising and non-birth.

Lord Buddha: Brahmin, I teach the Dharma for the eradication of lust, hatred and delusion and for the eradication of all un-wholesome states. I teach the destruction of bodily misconduct, verbal misconduct and mental misconduct. Because these things are things which are worthy of destruction. I have attain to the state of non-arising and non-birth, by abandoning the causes of birth and becoming. I speak only the truth in response to your comments. The truth is not as you understand to be. Pay attention venerable Veranja Brahmin, and I will teach you the Dharma.

Lord Buddha teaching to Brahmin
Sending your mind outside and seeking faults in others is a cause for suffering. Reflecting internally, developing awareness of ones’ own mind is the path.  Niroda (Nibbana) the end of suffering is its fruits.

Source : True Buddhist